The Spring Tea Collection is a delightful  array of tea flavors. Each are 4oz of tea of our favorite  Spring teas.

Raspberry Beret is a raspberry lemonade herbal tea which has raspberry and cornflower petals. She will take  you fast but you will love it.

Butterflies is  strawberry and lemon herbal tea which has pieces of citrus to balance the sweetness. Each cup will leave light hearted and ready for another cup.

Sweetest Taboo is lemon and mango herbal tea which has nice pieces of mango dancing with a island sway. All three teas  are caffeine free and unique in their flavor.


The Love collection is hand packed in Houston TX.

Raspberry Lemonade: Apple +Hibiscus +Rosehip +Lemon+ Strawberry leaves+ Chamomile + Cornflower petals+ Raspberry+ and natural flavors.

Butterflies: Apple pieces +Hibiscus petals+ Rosehip + Orange pieces + Calendula petals+ and  Natural flavors.

Sweetest Taboo: Apple pieces+ Mango Pieces +Hibiscus petals+ Rosehip + Lemon + Lime pieces and Natural flavors.


Make sure to place in the notes which one- you would like.


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