The Make Your Girlfriend Mad candle is a mouth full. Its that plot to get her to leave you alone so you can hang with your friends. I mean you got people to see and meet right? It is the sending her calls to voicemail. It’s childish but it’s what it is. Truly sexy and warm vanilla, elevated by woody cashmere and sweet amber and rounded out with slightly detectable notes of fruity citrus. The notes on this luxurious candle are just as epic as that night will be without her. It is soft and subtle like pressing that decline button on the phone. I mean you can just give her this candle if all else fails.

Firstly, it is made in Houston, Texas with coconut and apricot wax for an eco-friendly clean burn. Secondly, we use lead and zinc free cotton wicks with premium fragrance oils infused with essential oils. Thirdly, our candles are phthalate-free, petroleum-free, cruelty-free, and never tested on animals. Because we love animals.

Furthermore, clean, sleek, and elegant our straight side glass tumbler jars have a glossy outer coating that diffuses candlelight for a softer glow.

Scent Profile: Cashmere and vanilla

Mood: Soft + subtle.. just like how that press to ignore is on that phone call

Top:  Pear, Bergamot, Peach Blossom
Middle: Warm Amber, Jasmine, Cashmere
Base: Musk, Sheer Vanilla, Sandalwood

Diameter: 3.06 in

Height: 3.5 in

Net Wt: 9oz

Burn time: Up to 40hours


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