Gold Digger is a chocolate chai  flavored Rooibos tea. Gold Digger is exactly what it means.  She is looking for next come up. Honestly, can you blame her? College life is hard. A benefactor is a God send in most cases. In her case, she has a targeted audience, and you are not it.  So, you have no worries on getting burned… This tea blend is true stunner like her.  Pieces of decadent morsels of cacao bean, and rich rooibos can make all of your worries disappear while at least til the end of the cup.

Flavor Profile: Spicy Chocolate

Mood: rich+ robust… expensive like that cup of chai

Origin: Blended in Turkey

Ingredients:  Rooibos +Ginger+ Green Cardamon pods+ Cacao bean+ and chocolate flavoring

Net wt: 2 oz up to 12 cups



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