F@Vkboy Fall is a complicated mess of a man. This fragrance is an enchanted forest with hints of floral. Rejection plays out a lot of ways. The most detrimental one is when you just stop caring.  He is that guy who gave his all and got his heart broken in the process. Self-absorbed at his finest, a mastermind of manipulation, and looks good while he is doing it. Misogyny has a scent finally.

The sophomore candle collection is made in Houston, Texas with coconut and apricot wax for an eco-friendly clean burn. Also, we use a wooden wick with this one for a more rustic appeal. Moreover, they have a wooden wick for an eco-friendly, cleaner, and longer-lasting burn! Wooden wicks have a beautiful flickering flame. Along with a soft cracking sound that’s reminiscent of cozy nights by a fireplace. Importantly, our candles are phthalate-free, petroleum-free, cruelty-free, and never tested on animals due to we love animals.

Scent Profile:  Rose and Spruce

Mood: enchantment+ profligate….waste her time

Top: Lemon Rind, Lemon Flower
Middle: White Rose, Blue Spruce
Base: Patchouli, Canadian Fir Needle, Sandalwood

Diameter: 3.06 in

Height: 3.5in

Net Wt: 8.5oz

Burn time: up to 40 hours


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