Fuzzy is a herbal blended tea flavored with peaches and cream. Fuzzy is that the aftereffects a good time. The memory is little fuzzy just like the nonexistent beard you have attempted to grow for the last three months but you know you had a good time doing it.  The pics in the phone says it was epic. The headache says it must have been awesome. Considering the amount of missed calls from everyone the day after- it was phenomenal.   This tea blend of sumptuous peaches and hibiscus  produces sophisticated peach ice cream flavor.

Flavor Profile: Peach Ice Cream

Mood: smooth+ fresh… just like how you disappeared on them

Origin: Blended in Turkey

Ingredients: Apple + Rosehip + Hibiscus + Peach pieces, Chamomile petals

Net wt: 1.5 oz up to 12 cups

Comes in a decorative glass bottle to store your tea.


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