Funny Valentine is a deep and passionate fragrance of rose water and hibiscus blossoms.  She is timeless, romantic, sophisticated yet infectiously hilarious. She makes your heart leap.


Love candle collection is made in Houston, Texas with coconut and apricot wax for an eco-friendly clean burn. Also, we use a wooden wick with this one for a more rustic appeal. Moreover, they have a wooden wick for an eco-friendly, cleaner, and longer-lasting burn! Wooden wicks have a beautiful flickering flame. Along with a soft cracking sound that’s reminiscent of cozy nights by a fireplace. Importantly, our candles are phthalate-free, petroleum-free, cruelty-free, and never tested on animals because we love animals.

Scent Profile:  Roses and Hibiscus Blossoms

Mood:light+ flirty…. answers the life questions

Top: Rose Water, Dewy Hibiscus
Heart: Stargazer Lily, Persian Ivy
Base: White Woods, Spring Musk

Diameter: 3.75in

Height: 4.1 in

Net Wt: 13.5oz

Burn time: up to 55 hours


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