Culture Chic is fruit blended herbal tea. This blend is layered with flavors much like the Cultured Chic in your Lit class. She is abreast of all of the current world events and politics. She is the epitome of refined taste and manners and good education. While she reads and acts as if she fell out of a page from Emily Post, her laugh is the light that the world needs. While her lightheartedness is a breath of fresh air, her words can evoke emotions while creating memories. She is unconventional in her approach at times but she is resolved to bring all together for the common good. This is a strong, tart, red infusion with minty and citrus herbal flavors. Rich in Vitamin C and definitely needs to be sweetened with honey. Refreshing whether served hot or cold

Flavor Profile: Fruit Blend Herbal Tea

Mood: refined + bohemian.. she is a worldly woman

Origin: Blended in the USA

Ingredients: Rosehips, lemongrass, hibiscus, peppermint, orange peel

Net wt: 1 oz up to 12 cups

Comes in a black and gold decorative metal tea tin to store your tea. Also included with your purchase is a tea ball to use to infuse your tea. Don’t forget to check out the tea accessory set to elevate your experience.



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