Bro is a loose-leaf Black OP blended tea flavored with l spices and berries. Bro is that homeboy who you can kick it with but holds you accountable when you spitting bs. He is the go-to when you come up with a brilliant idea because he is truth serum on steroids.  The most important part of your relationship with him is that he really does care. He wants to see you succeed. The same goes for you so he is to be celebrated.  This tea blend of flavored black teas and spices produces sophisticated nectar with hints of cinnamon and citrus.

Flavor Profile: Ambrosia  Black OP loose leaf tea

Mood: robust+uplifting .. he is your true support system

Origin: Blended in USA

Ingredients: Apricot OP tea, black currant tea, mango tea, rose hips, orange peel, cinnamon, and artificial apricot, black currant, gooseberry, and mango flavors

Net wt: 1 oz up to 12 cups

Comes in a decorative metal tea tin to store your tea. Don’t forget to check out the tea accessory set to elevate your experience.


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