444 is a loose-leaf Black OP blended tea flavored with passion fruit and peach. It is the number of protection and encouragement. It is a sign that you are currently following the right path in life. In college, there are so many things that seem to lead you elsewhere. Right major, correct class, right crew… every day a new question to a decision made yesterday. So much uncertainty surrounds every choice you make because of the fear of failure. It is the growing pains of becoming an adult but when 444 appears then you know you will be ok. This tea was blended in China. It has floral notes of elderflower and bee pollen. It is fragrant with citrus and tropical aromatics. Great as an iced tea or served hot.

Flavor Profile: Lychee Black OP loose leaf tea

Mood: enlightened + comforted.. you are purposeful

Origin: Blended in China

Ingredients: Black OP tea, lychee

Net wt: 1 oz up to 12 cups

Comes in a black and gold decorative metal tea tin to store your tea. Also included with your purchase is a tea ball to use to infuse your tea. Don’t forget to check out our tea accessory set to elevate your experience.



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